My Paleo Experience with Thrive Market

It’s like Christmas morning!

So, I have to admit – I have a new obsession… At least it’s a healthy obsession, right?!

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Thrive Market is an online grocery store where you can purchase organic and non-gmo products 25%-50% off the regular retail price you may find in physical grocery stores. Not only do they carry organic products, but you can shop by values too such as Paleo, Vegan, or Raw. They have pre-packaged snacks, ingredients, health and beauty products, and even pet products. This membership online community has opened up my world!

You can try Thrive Market one month for FREE! You can shop all you want and don’t worry, you will be addicted in no time. Once your free month is up, they will charge you a membership fee. Now the membership fee is about $60 for a whole year. I was unsure if this was the right move for me because it does sound expensive, but once you see how much your saving per week or per order, you notice that you really are saving money. Your membership fee will also feed a low income family which makes me feel even better about my choice.

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As many of you know, I am Paleo. Shopping in regular grocery stores is always a struggle because I can never seem to find products that are paleo friendly unless if I make everything from scratch which I don’t have time for. So, when I go to regular grocery stores I usually end up spending my money on things that aren’t as healthy for me. Thrive Market makes it so easy to find paleo friendly pre-packaged foods and helps me stay on track with my diet during my busy work weeks. It has truly been a lifesaver for me.

A few of my favorite paleo Thrive Market buys:

Green Pasture Cod Liver Oil + Butter Oil Blend

Thrive Market Brand Ghee

Simple Mills Cookies (The Chocolate ones are amazing!)

Thrive Market Brand Bone Broth

Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour

Thrive Market Coconut Oil

Not convinced? I don’t want to sound too much like an info-mercial, but I want to share with you how thrilled I am to be talking about this service. Every week to every other week I order ingredients and snacks from Thrive Market. When I shop in physical stores all I need to focus on now is buying fresh ingredients such as meat, fruit, and veggies. It’s made shopping so much easier and the bulk of it gets delivered straight to my door. If you aren’t paleo, no worries. They carry vegan, gluten-free, and raw items to focus on living a healthy life.

Show me your finds at Thrive Market. I find new items every week! Follow me on Instagram to see some of my foodie posts from time to time using ingredients from Thrive Market.



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Fall Date: National Apple Harvest Festival

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We all know Fall is a wonderful time of year for picking pumpkins…

Corn mazes & hay rides…

and of course: Apples!

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Biglerville PA’s National Apple Harvest Festival is held during the first two full weekends in October with delicious foods, wonderful music, and more. The festival is a short drive from Gettysburg and Harrisburg, PA, located in the South Mountain Fairgrounds. They have a petting zoo, steam engine displays, orchard tours, car show, photo contests, and of course – all the apples you can eat! Even the Apple Queen will make her appearance.

Steam Engine Display


Car Show

For a reasonable admission fee you can spend all day with your loved one walking down the aisles of vendors and displays while eating your favorite apple dessert. One of my favorite parts of the event was the community photo contest. Something they do every year is encourage people to take artistic photos of the event and send them in to be chosen for their photo gallery. It’s amazing what some people can come up with and it’s a great activity to dive into your creative self to see what you can do also.

Some of my favorite foods at the Apple Festival were the apple chicken sausages, apple guacamole, apple pizza, and hot spiced apple cider of course! Stop by Hershey for MS, The Avocado Pit, and Boy Scout Troop stands for some of the foods listed. There are a lot of arts and crafts vendors as well. So if you like decorating for fall (who doesn’t?!) you can certainly find plenty of ideas and items.

Have a beautiful fall date with your loved one.



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