Boho Beautiful Positive Movement Tour

As some of you may already know, I am so thrilled and excited to finally announce Boho Beautiful’s Positive Movement Tour is coming to Rochester, NY (because of me). Their charity tour stop in Rochester will be taking place at Neutral Yoga to benefit Janine the Bean Rescue.

It all began a little over a year ago, when I was so stressed with my last job that I needed an outlet. Yoga became that escape. Searching on YouTube for DIY yoga videos, I discovered Boho Beautiful. A wonderful YouTube channel that opened up my mind even more to health, mindfulness, and wanderlust. Little did I know, yoga would soon become a huge part of my life AND I would eventually get to meet my idols of Boho Beautiful.

Late Spring, Boho Beautiful announced on their blog of a charity tour to take place in the United States and they were wanting suggestions for where to go. I sent in a submission for them to put Rochester on their map, little did I know they would actually accept. So, here we are in late summer and just locked in the final details of our event and I am still in shock!

The event will be taking place at Neutral Yoga on Dewey Ave October 14th 11am – 12:30pm. All proceeds made from the event will be given to my co-worker, Janine the Bean Rescue, who rescues and feeds stray cats within the city of Rochester. The event will include a meet & greet and an hour yoga class!

Tickets may be purchased online:

For more information please visit:


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Colorado – Looking for Recommendations

To all our readers out there:

We’ve been thinking for months about where our “winter road trip” should be.
Disney & Cape Coral? (It was so great last year we want to do it all over again).
Southern Ireland? (Cheap flights during the winter).

After a lot of talking, brainstorming, and of course a little arguing – we’ve come upon the decision to take a road trip to Colorado!!!

Colorado, being one of the states I have never been to, I am both excited and clueless as to where to see first. Especially in December/January! We know that by driving from New York to Colorado we would like to stay on the East side of Colorado. We will also be staying in St. Louis, MO overnight as it is our halfway stop. Our top two activities we would like to do in Colorado includes seeing the Rocky Mountains National Park as well as relaxing in a hot spring. Not just any hot spring, but a hot spring in a cave would be the dream.

So I am reaching out to all of you other travelers and dreamers out there, where in Colorado would you like to see us visit? Leave some comments below and we will notify you as our trip plans progress to show where we’ve decided.

Dream on xoxo


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Nashville – Home to the Rich & Famous

Date idea: Be adventurous and drive around Nashville to “Ooo” and “Ahhh” at these million dollar homes.


While driving down Belle Mead Blvd, have you ever stopped to wonder what it’d be like to live in those houses? Working in the fast lane, that is valet parking, I’ve seemed to find myself pulling up to these houses whispering under my breathe, “Oh…my…god…”. The extravagant lighting, massive pillars, beautiful landscaping, and luxurious cars are enough to take your breathe away. It’s amazing how the houses can make you feel so small while living in a city so big.

Belle Meade Blvd is one of my favorite areas of the city that I like to show people the most. Country music artists to architects and interior designers to oh-so-many Frists live up and down these streets – many are a secret to most as they hide undercover. This article will give you a little inside scoop to some of the biggest houses I’ve come across and who they belong to.


Sylvia Roberts’ $19.5 million Home:

Photo credit:

If you recognize this house, you must be a fan of the hit TV show “Nashville”. You guessed it – Connie Britton’s character owns this home in the TV show. This beautiful Belle Meade home is located on Page Rd and is owned by Sylvia Roberts. This 6 bedroom, 12 bathroom, 20,533 sq ft. mansion hit the market last year for a whopping $19.5 million.

Photo credit:


The Arndt’s Estate:

Photo credit:

When driving down Concord Rd in Brentwood, you may look up a small hill and see this massive home. Sold to the Arndt’s in 2014 for only a couple million, this home is now worth over $30 million. The main structure at the time of purchase as shown in this photo was about 10,600 sq ft. Now with a guest house and a finished basement, the home is now estimated at about 18,000 sq ft – and the Arndt’s aren’t done, yet! When finished, the home will be about 28,000 sq ft according to the Keep an eye out for a couple of their hot pink Rolls Royce that tend to peak out of the garage from time to time. Also, drive by at night for their wonderful light show.

Photo credit:


Rich from Big & Rich’s Mt. Richmore:

Photo credit:

When driving up Love Circle in West Nashville you may be thinking, “This is a terrible location,” with it’s small road and close neighbors. When you get to the top and ignore what Mt. Richmore looks like and actually see what Mt. Richmore looks at, you may think a little differently. Rich’s new estate overlooks the city of Nashville’s westside skyline. When the sun is setting, the view is just perfect. I know from first hand experience that this house has some raging parties on the rooftop. You can imagine how these parties have made the neighbors of this once very quiet street feel just by reading the comments on as well as hearing about many police reports.

Photo credit:


Oh-So-Many Frists:

1304 Chickering Road, 810 Jackson Blvd., 703 Bowling Ave., and 1326 Page Road just to name a few. The Frist’s are one of the most popular and wealthiest families in Nashville. Some are senators, some are doctors, and for most – their wealth solely comes from the family leading the nations most successful hospital company. While your in Nashville, check out the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. An art deco museum and event venue with beautiful exhibits of fine art.


Vanderbilt Chancellor’s Residence:

Located at 211 Deer Park Dr, The Vanderbilt Chancellor lives a pretty comfy life in his almost 16,000 sq ft multi-million dollar home. It’s nestled in the heart of Belle Meade and is barely visible from the road.


Tim McGraw & Faith Hill:

Photo credit:

An astounding 22,000 sq foot house on 17 wooded acres is nestled on Crater Hill. This mansion which belongs to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill has 37 rooms, with only 5 of those being actual bedrooms!


Disclaimer: I loved writing this article about some of the biggest houses I’ve been to in Nashville, but please note that I only published this for fun. We ask that you do not go knocking on their doors or drive up to their houses. Please politely view from the road. Thank you.

– Crystal


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Life on a Sub-Tropical Island without Cars

Ever wonder what it would be like to stay on an island without traffic? Without the loud noises of a busted tail pipe, or the honking of an upset driver? Bald Head Island offers a retreat from life’s daily grind. An island without cars, traffic jams, and road rage – it offers a beautiful retreat for someone who just needs some quiet.

Bald Head Island used to be a pirate hideout, but has since become a vacation-home haven. A sub-tropical island having the best of both worlds – the woods and the beach. As there are many vacation homes, the island boasts 12,000 acres of conservation land making it the perfect destination for sightseeing, viewing wildlife, and taking nature hikes.

Even though the island doesn’t allow cars, just about every vacationer or resident has a golf cart to get from one end of the island to the other. There is a trolley, too for all you day-trippers out there or bike rentals. Different areas of the island offer shopping meccas as well as many sightseeing tours and opportunities so you will always have something to do if you decide to leave your beach-house.

Photo credit:

One of my favorite places on Bald Head Island was touring Old Baldy – the old island lighthouse. It is also the oldest lighthouse in the state of North Carolina. Paying a small fee to climb up the stairs and see the inside as well as the view from the top is certainly a must do. Although, I wouldn’t recommend it if you are claustrophobic.

The view from the top!

Something else I really enjoyed was doing the Bald Head Island ghost tour. It was such a unique experience to tour the island at night by flashlight and learn about the haunting history of the pirates and urban legends.

Our ghost walk tour guides in costume!

“Howl at the Moon” has been an island tradition since 2011 hosted by the Maritime Market, (your only market on the island!). This “Howl” party draws hundreds of people to the East Beach every month when the full moon rises. Attendees may BYOB and bring appetizers to share. You can also find bonfires blazing along the beach. When the moon rises, everyone howls synchronously before heading to the local bar, Mojo’s, for their “Moonrise to Midnight” bash with plenty of dancing on their extended deck.

I toured Bald Head Island back in 2012 with my family. We had such a blast – I hope to take Shane to show him this unique island experience. I hope you can experience it, too. Thank you for reading.

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Dinner at D & R Depot – Le Roy, NY

About to meet a friend from Nashville who was visiting her parents in Warsaw, I quickly looked up a place that we could meet half way. Noticing Le Roy was about the same distance for both of us, I researched restaurants online and came upon D & R Depot. Quickly reading that D & R was an old train depot turned restaurant, it intrigued me. We met for dinner and I was very pleased with my choice.

Photo credit:

D & R Depot used to be the local train depot placing Le Roy on the map – before Jell-O of course! (Side note: Le Roy is the birthplace of Jello-O complete with a Jell-O museum now.) The depot resides right next to the train tracks and as you walk inside, they have pictures and memorabilia from long ago. They decorated the place as to keep that era alive; even the music is old fashioned. I also heard that if a train goes by while you’re there, you will get a free token for dessert! Sadly, we weren’t able to see that happen.

The Depot from the 1910’s. Photo credit:

The food was great, just like the reviews said. The price was a little high for the amount of food you got, but the quality makes up for it. This restaurant has a menu specifically for vegans, vegetarians, and those that are gluten free. This was a match made in heaven for my paleo self – they even had saltless salt! No matter what your diet may be, their menu is very accommodating and they also provide substitution ideas such as pot pie with no breading.

As we slowly left the depot, we signed the map in the entranceway to show where we were visiting from – my friend is currently the only one signed from Nashville!

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Hiking Chimney Bluffs State Park

Photo taken by yours truly: Crystal Rock Photography

A beautiful Sunday afternoon hiking Chimney Bluffs was a usually lazy Sunday well spent. Chimney Bluffs was on our “travel goal list” that we created in the beginning of this year during our Storm Stella snowed-in-day  – read post here.
It was an easy hour drive for us to the state park. FYI – if you park at the main entrance you must pay a $5 parking fee during the busy season. Before we chose which direction to hike, we studied a map located at the entrance showing the different hiking trails and how many miles each trail was.

Photo credit:

We decided to hike the whole loop starting at Garner Point Trail to follow the Bluff Trail along the edge of the lake’s coast. The Bluff trail gives you incredible views of the bluffs and allows you to walk up above them. You may also choose to walk along the coast line down by the water to see the bluffs from below as we saw some people doing although it is not recommended.

Once we approached the end of the Bluff Trail, we turned onto Drumlin Trail. Drumlin Trail takes you through the woods (and mud). We were actually the only people around – no one else in sight – which made it seem as though we were lost. Thankfully when we got to an intersection, we noticed a small sign (facing the wrong direction) showing we had made it to the East-West Trail.  We turned onto the East-West Trail and eventually to our delight we made it back to the parking lot.

Our Old English Bulldog Nova came along with us. She loves to hike and explore. Although, I think she was happy for the hike to be over as she was exhausted!

After our long hike, we stopped at Orbakers along the way for some food and ice cream. We had Buffalo Chicken Burgers (so messy, but so good!) and some ice cream. Even Nova had a doggie sundae. P.S. – Their pistachio ice cream was amazing!!!

Photo credit:

Thank you for reading!

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A Dog Named Blu

We are so excited to announce a new addition to our family – Blu.

Blu is a rescued senior Coonhound mix who lived in a neglected home. He’s been through a lot, but he has adjusted to us very quickly.
His previous home consisted of living outdoors his whole life in a wooden dog house with holes in the floor boards and the roof, a 10 foot long chain wrapped around his neck so tight he had sores, and stagnant water. His owner was an elderly lady who just couldn’t take care of him, so we approached her and pitched the idea of taking him. Happily she accepted.

Shane trying to fix his coop to make him comfortable

He was located in Pennsylvania, so as soon as we closed on our new home in New York, we drove down and picked him up. Before making the four hour drive to our new home, we of course took him to the groomer! He was one smelly dog and as you can see – very overweight! The groomer did an amazing job and he did very well for his first time. He also did very well in the car – no accidents!

When we first picked him up to take him to the groomer.

When we arrived at our new house, he was so ecstatic. It was as if a new dog had already emerged. For people who don’t believe dogs smile, he will change your mind! Seeing his face when he was tied to the chain and then looking at him now – it’s incredible.

His first day at his new home.

He now has a fenced in yard to run around (chain free), a new doggie friend – Nova, a safe and clean dog house, and always clean water and fresh food.  He also has love, something he had never experienced before. We take him for daily walks and play with him. He is pretty clueless when we try to play, but he is catching on. He’s learning a lot from Nova as well as us teaching him how to sit and stay. Who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks?! We’ve had him for about 4 weeks now and has been losing weight – getting down to a healthy size.
Recently, we took him for his first trip to the vet. The vet was very understanding and courteous. As we are unsure if he had ever been to a vet, she treated him as a puppy. He received his vaccines, a puppy health check, heartworm tests, and a few others I lost track of! He also had a cyst under his belly that we had to take a sample of to make sure it wasn’t cancerous. Thankfully, it seems to be benign. He tested Lyme positive, had a few different kinds of worms such as whipworm, and his physical exam showed stiffness in his legs – which may be from the Lyme. He doesn’t have a lot of strength in his legs either; both of which may be caused from being on a chain his whole life and not getting proper exercise. When he breathes he snorts, this may be caused by the chain being wrapped around his neck causing a collapsed trachea. His teeth showed that he may be younger than we think (10 years). Unable to determine what type of Coonhound he may be, she called him a mutant beagle (because he’s 102 lbs!).

After his vet visit, we took him to Petsaver (his first pet shop trip!). We self groomed him in their wash room which he didn’t seem to mind. It was our first time using one of these rooms, too and we actually had fun! They supply everything and clean up the mess after. So much better than using your own bathtub. Another plus – he got to go shopping after!

He loves getting any kind of attention! Look at that smile!

Currently, we are treating him for the worms and Lyme disease. Hoping he will make a successful recovery to live on to be a happy old man. Stay tuned for more updates as we will be going back to the vet for a follow up in the next few weeks!

I set up a GoFundMe account in his name to help us with his vet bills and care – please visit:

Thank you everyone for your support.

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Rochester Lilac Fest 2017

The first few beautiful weeks of Spring always smell so nice. Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. What do you smell? Grass clippings, budding trees, blooming flowers…

One of my favorite smells of Spring are Lilac’s. At Rochester’s Lilac Festival, you can walk the paths smelling the Lilac’s fragrant smells. At the end of the paths you reach a smorgasbord of food trucks and vendor stands. Grab a carnitas taco or a sushi garbage plate while you watch the band of the night play over the noises of the roaring crowd.

Photo found on:


Photo credit:

Lilac Festival is one of the largest free festivals in North America. You won’t find another one like it in our country. Many of the festivals’ Lilacs reside in Highland Park, a park that has about 150 aces of rolling hills and botanical delights. The first lilacs planted here date back to about 1890 when several thousand shrubs were planted. 8 years later, a random festival broke out and around 3,000 people traveled to Highland Park to see these magnificent flowers. Today, the Rochester Lilac Festival draws in about 500,000 people annually to this ten-day FREE event.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the beauty and smells of Spring.

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First off – we want to apologize that we have not been posting as much as we’d like.

Life has gotten away from us this month in the best kind of way. We’ve begun a new adventure and I am so excited to see where it takes us. Since graduating high school, I’ve never stayed in one place for too long. I was living in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Pennsylvania again, and Tennessee while he was living in Texas and Montana. Finally, we are beginning to plant our roots in New York – certainly a new experience for us both.

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Take a Hike at Corbett’s Glen

Upstate New York is full of beautiful state and local parks featuring different terrains (plains, hills, rocks, water…) and I want to try them all! Moving here has opened up my mind to so many possibilities and new areas we could travel to and I am so pumped as the weather is finally starting to become Spring!

This past weekend we took a very short drive to Corbett’s Glen and spent a few hours hiking the main trail through the woods and to the glen. It was a beautiful, sunny, and crisp Spring day. We were able to get up close and personal to a small Doe who didn’t seem to mind people as well as see some flowers starting to bloom. As we hiked through the woods, the sound of the rushing glen was starting to become more apparent. Before we knew it, we arrived at a clearing near a house and a tunnel where the glen came to meet us.

Above the tunnel lies the train tracks – while we were there we saw a train whiz by.

Down a little further from the tunnel resides a small, but beautiful waterfall. This area also acts as a swimming hole for many locals.

The park itself consists of 52 acres with about 2 miles of hiking trails – I believe we did all of them this past weekend! The trails are wide – mostly dirt until you get to the viewing area of the waterfalls where it is pavement and gravel. There are multiple entrances to the park – we parked at the end off of Penfield Road, but the main entrance is on Glen Road near the tunnel.

Throughout the woods you will find a fort made out of branches – not sure if there is any history behind this. We also found a little gnome hidden near a tree along the trail. We kept our eyes peeled for more that may be hiding throughout the park – if you find any be sure to let us know!

Photo credit:

All in all, this state park was the perfect way to spend a Saturday with the love – the terrain made it for a great workout, yet I had so much fun I didn’t realize how many miles we actually walked. Can’t wait to hike the next park on our list!

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