The Breaking Bad Fan Sightseeing Road Trip

Have you ever just sat on your couch and binge watched almost an entire season of Breaking Bad on a rainy day? We have and we aren’t ashamed! If you have ever seen the series it is pretty amazing and intense. Watching the chemistry teacher, Walt transform into his crime-ridden Heisenberg persona; and stoner Jessie becomes a hot headed salesman whose guilt eventually catches up with him. It’s all in the name of GREAT TV.


As we were planning our cross-country road trip around the United States we knew we would be passing through Albuquerque, New Mexico – where the TV show was filmed. Walt’s house, the car wash, random streets, maybe even Walt’s grave stone. We figured it wouldn’t hurt if we wasted a little time and see what those places look like IRL.

You can find a lot of self-guided sightseeing tours on websites such as:

Walter White’s House

Walt’s House is not just a prop – a family has been living in this house for about 40 years. So if you do go for a drive-by, be very respectful and do not step on their property. When we drove by, we parked across the street as to not be so obvious. To our surprise, the couple who owns the house was sitting on lawn chairs in their driveway. We stepped out of our vehicle to take a photo, and the lady told us not to come any closer, but we could take as many photos as we’d like. As we did, the man asked us where we were from and tried to have a conversation with us. They are very nice if you show respect. The address of the house is 3828 Piermont Dr. As you will see, the house looks exactly as it did on the show, the only thing added are the NO TRESSPASSING signs and video cameras watching your every move.

A1A Car Wash

Breaking Bad turned a family owned car-wash into an A1 empire! Octopus Car Wash, formally known as Walt’s A1A Car Wash on the show, is a very popular car cleaning hot spot in Albuquerque. The car wash is located at 9516 Snow Heights Cir NE. We weren’t planning on seeing this place, but as we were driving down the street we just so happened to notice it looked familiar! There was such a long line we didn’t bother washing my car – although I wish we had!

Biking Tour

If you’d like to see a few places while getting your cardio in – try the Ultimate Biking Bad tour.


Walter White’s Tombstone


Walter White has a tombstone IRL. When the show ended, fans had a funeral on Oct 19th, 2013. The tombstone was placed at Sunset Memorial Park cemetery first, but after many complaints for obvious reasons, the tombstone now resides at a local strip mall as a tourist attraction. The address of the mall is 6855 4th St. NW. Read more here.

Now, go enjoy your Breaking Bad Sightseeing Road Trip!

“Tread Lightly”

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