Our Favorite Las Vegas Resorts

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Finding a place to stay in Las Vegas can be overwhelming with all the different choices downtown has to offer. You can choose to stay in an overpriced high rise suite, or you can choose like we did and stay in one of the cheaper hotels in the area within walking distance of the strip. Choosing a hotel to stay in was like hoping for the best. You want to stay cheaper, but you don’t want it to be sleazy or sketchy which is very common in this city! We wanted a hotel that also had things do inside such as bars, shoppes, and nightly shows. If we had known prior to going that most of the casinos had free parking, we wouldn’t have worried so much to stay within walking distance. No matter what your price range may be though, here are some hotels worth looking into.

As I mentioned, we wanted to stay somewhere near the strip, in a hotel with nightly shows, and still pay a cheaper price than most other places. This is how we came upon Circus Circus.

Circus Circus

This place may have some cons, but it was great for our budget. We stayed in one of the cheaper rooms which was actually across the street opposite from the resort itself. The rooms were clean for the most part, but the hallways smelled like old smoke. The pool was outside and VERY small. We didn’t even bother to take advantage of it because it was always so packed, and plus we had plenty of other activities we wanted to do instead. Aside from that, we loved the casino and restaurant bars, such as Vince Neil’s, inside the resort as well as their nightly shows and arcade room.

The nightly shows consisted of fun acrobats and magicians and did I mention these shows were free?! The walk from the hotel to the main area of the strip wasn’t so bad. Just make sure to wear comfortable shoes. On your way to the main strip, stop into the mall and take a ride in a gondola on their indoor river.

Circus shows and entertainment

The Flamingo is a beautiful resort, unlike any I’ve ever seen before. I loved the ambiance, cleanliness, and of course the birds! They actually have an indoor wildlife habitat filled with different species of birds (such as Flamingos of course) and fish. They have outdoor restaurants in the middle of the resort for you to enjoy the wildlife and tranquility. Carlos ‘N Charlie’s has great Mexican dishes! This area is also a popular spot for weddings and you can often see the wedding party from sitting at this restaurants’ outdoor seating area. Aside from that, they have an amazing water park for you to enjoy!

Excalibur is the hotel in Vegas that looks like a castle. The architecture of the building is beautiful and so ornate it’s hard to drive by and NOT see it. I stayed here when I was younger and I had a blast. Obviously I couldn’t experience the casino and bar aspect of it all, but I can tell you the arcade, shows, and the room itself was awesome. Even as an adult, you can spend hours in their underground arcade area. Most of their shows are Renaissance era themed to match the castle vibe.

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Other hotels in the area worth mentioning:

Caesars Palace is a very popular, upper class hotel that we found was just fun to go in and enjoy it’s casino roman themed ambiance. You may recognize the outside from many movies and photos of Las Vegas with it’s beautiful statues and fountains.

Front of Caesars Palace

Luxor is the pyramid shaped casino and resort, if you love Egyptian history like I do, this is certainly a place you should visit. The Mirage has a beautiful dolphin exhibit inside and it’s volcano outside erupts nightly which is definitely a must see! Last but not least, Treasure Island has always been one of my favorites up until late. I always loved seeing their pirate shows outside the resort, but this past time when we went, we heard they stopped doing the shows.

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We hope you enjoy your visit to Las Vegas. Comment below with what hotel you choose and let us know why we should stay there next time! Thank you for reading.

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