Farm Market Hoppin’

No matter what time of year it is, a trip to a Farmer’s Market can always be a great date idea. Whether your going just for fun or to grab some ingredients for something you two want to make, it is a nice way to spend time together. In this post, I wanted to include some Farmer’s Markets worth stopping at across the United States with a focus on western Upstate New York. I’m sure you have one you’d like to add, so feel free to post in the comments section below!


Schutt’s Apple Mill – Webster, NY:

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Schutt’s Apple Mill is the best place for (you guessed it!)…apples! Every kind of apple you could possibly imagine is sold here year round. You can pick and choose your own in the many barrels on display OR buy them by the bushel. They also sell fresh pressed apple cider AND hard cider. Not only is it full of apples, but it is a very large gift shop, too. Handmade and specialty gifts, spices and teas, jams and honey, everything you can think of.

Bauman’s Farm Market – Webster, NY:

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On our first trip to Bauman’s, we were expecting a typical run of the mill family owned farm market. We were surprised to find a fun place that actually kept us occupied for a while. Not only looking at all the different produce and products they sell, but we went during the fall season to find their homemade haunted house! It was small, but it was a nice and creative touch to give their customers something else to do while they are shopping.

Aman’s Farm & Market – Irondequoit, NY:

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Aman’s doesn’t just sell flowers and produce, they sell beer! Yes, over 100 different kinds of beer in fact. This place can be your one stop shop on the weekends.

Wickham Farms – Penfield, NY:

Every year Wickham Farms has a “Sunflower Festival” where you can stroll through 1000’s of sunflowers. From Red Velvet Sunflowers to the REALLY BIG ones, they have them all. This farm market also has a café and ice cream shop, kid activities, petting zoos, and so much more throughout the year. You can easily spend a few hours here if you really want to.

City of Rochester Public Market – Rochester, NY:

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The Rochester Public Market is of course the go-to place in downtown. You can try different foods from all ethnicities and purchase produce from all the local farmers in the nearby area. They have special events each month and many food truck rodeos (my favorite!).

Nashville Farmers Market at Bicentennial Park – Nashville, TN:

When we lived in Nashville, I just loved coming here for lunch and to stroll around the park. Inside the market, there are many restaurants you can grab a bite to eat and there is also a food truck or two sitting outside for visitors (I miss the Grilled Cheeserie!). My favorite part of this farmers market was the garden center where you could make your own terrariums. I loved looking at all the different plants and ideas for my own future garden. Read more on my previous post:

Midtown Global Market – Minneapolis, MN:

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In the last place of Minneapolis you’d expect a farmers market, there is the Midtown Global Market. The building also has offices and other businesses in it, but the lower level is full of different vendors. The vendors sell many different ethnic foods and crafts, even clothing. When I lived in Minneapolis, this was a popular weekend stop for me.

Maplewood Produce & Greenhouse – Shippensburg, PA:

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In this area of Pennsylvania, you will find many different Amish and Mennonite farm markets. This one in particular is one of my favorites. Their prices were great and it was a large store with amazing homemade fudge, pies, bread, and produce.

Comment below and let us know of your favorite Farm Markets in your area! We may just stop by! 🙂

Peace & Love.

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Midtown/Uptown Minneapolis Date

As fun and unique as downtown Minneapolis may be, I’d like to bring you to Midtown and Uptown.

Powderhorn Park:


Looking for a local park to have a nice picnic and get some exercise in around a pond? Stop by Powderhorn Park (where my old apartment used to be)! If you are an exercise junkie, they have plenty of equipment along the paved trails as checkpoints to do pull ups, leg presses, and more! There is plenty of grass and private areas to have a romantic picnic and if you are touring around May Day, they have a cool May Day festival with vendors and music. At night, you can view a portion of the Minneapolis skyline.

Midtown Global Market:

The Midtown Global Market is a great place to stop in and walk around for a little while. It is actually the second largest leasable sized building compared to Mall of America in the city. Inside this building, you will find a portion of it is filled with international food stands and craft vendors.

Calhoun Square/Uptown:

Uptown is a hip neighborhood in Minneapolis that has plenty of rooftop restaurants and bars as well as shops. Amore Uptown is a great romantic nighttime rooftop restaurant to take your date. Sadly, my favorite restaurant was Cowboy Slim’s which closed shortly after I moved away, they had the BEST buffalo chicken wraps! Besides rooftop restaurants, record shops and clothing boutique’s flood the streets of uptown. Park, walk, and shop your day away!

Calhoun Lake:

Calhoun Lake- North Beach

Want to spend time at the beach, but can’t get away to the ocean? Minneapolis has tons of lakeside beaches! The best beach in Uptown is Calhoun Lake’s North Beach. If you don’t feel like lounging lakeside, there are plenty of biking and walking trails that go around the entire lake.

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Minneapolis Day Date by Foot

About 5 years ago I had the pleasure of living in this beautiful city, Minneapolis, for about 2 years. I met amazing people and saw beautiful places I will never forget. It was certainly an experience that I’m glad I had. Minneapolis is a beautiful city with a lot of hidden places that only locals would know about and I loved it. Some of those hidden places I’m going to tell you right here in these posts. But shhh, keep it between us.

Guthrie Theatre:

Guthrie Theatre (Ateliers Jean Nouvel Photography)
View from up top (Crystal Rock Photography)

The Guthrie Theatre may look like just a theatre to most people, but this was one of my favorite places to go to in the city to see some beautiful views and get some awesome photos. Once you go in the main entrance, you can go up the elevator and tour the different floors, each one having something else to see. The level that has the café, is one of my favorite floors because you get to walk out onto the part of the building that jets out. This allow you to see a great view like the photo I took above as well as the river. The next floor that I really enjoy is what I like to call, The Yellow Room. All the windows are yellow giving a different perspective of the city.


Stone Arch Bridge:


In behind the Guthrie Theatre, you will see the Stone Arch Bridge. This is a beautifully architectural bridge only made for walking and bikes. If your touring the Guthrie Theatre it’s a nice area allowing you to walk/bike across the river to get to the other side. The other side has some hidden trails for a more private walk-if you can find it that is. (Once you find this trail, see if you can find the gorilla graffiti, take a photo of it and post it in the comments below!)

Nicolette Mall:

You may be thinking, why would we want to go to the mall on a beautiful day in downtown? Psych! It’s not really a mall, its a street full of shops!

Photo by: © Meet Minneapolis

Great place to get some grub and shop in some huge stores! They have a two story Marshalls and a two story Target with an escalator specifically for your shopping carts…how cool is that?!

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