Happy Together: Our Valentine’s Day Plans (Past & Present)


I have to admit, I am one of those sloppy hopeless romantics who just love a good Hallmark Holiday. I love hanging heart decorations around the house, buying lots of cheesy Valentine’s day gifts and cards, and planning a romantic evening – even though that is supposed to be the man’s job. During our few years together, we’ve made Valentine’s Day pretty special.

Year 1:

Our 1st Valentines Day we spent the evening at a romantic Thai restaurant called, The White Elephant in Carlisle, PA. It took us forever to get our food because the place was so busy, but we couldn’t have cared less because we were too busy drinking our whole bottle of wine. This restaurant is a BYOB – the best kind! We had a fantastic night in our little corner sitting and talking by candlelight. Even to this day, we still talk about that night and that little hole in the wall restaurant.

Year 2:

Our 2nd Valentines Day was spent zip lining through the trees of Tennessee with Adventure Works. They have their annual sweetheart zip lining tour and we had such a blast. Even though it was freezing cold, we were able to warm up by the fire before and after. Later that night, we had an evening of dancing and food at Sambuca. Read more about our zip lining adventure HERE.

Year 3:

Last year was our first year to relax on Valentine’s Day. We had moved from Tennessee to New York and I had just started my new job on Feb 13th – so we were exhausted. I came home that night to chocolate covered strawberries and a delicious homemade dinner.

Year 4:

Image result for thai mii up
Image found at: The Democrat & Chronicle

This year we need to make up for it. We plan to spend the evening at Thai Mii Up, a local Thai cuisine restaurant that I’ve heard is pretty amazing. Maybe we will remake our 1st year memories at a different Thai restaurant. I’ve made him a gift basket (shh don’t tell!) that I will most likely present to him when he wakes up. Those are just some of the plans I’ve made, maybe he has something up his sleeve as well. I suppose we will wait and see!

Update 2/15/18:

We had a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year. I made Shane a junk food gift basket which he loved of course. Each box of snacks had sayings on them (example: Swedish Fish – “There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you are the only one for me!”) and I put little Valentine’s in the basket that I printed out from The Dating Divas (find their man-approved Valentines here). He had a beautiful arrangement delivered AND orchids – which are my favorite! I worked from home to do some training for work, but as soon as I was done we took the dogs for a walk in the beautiful weather we had yesterday. Then we quick got ready and went out to dinner at Thai Mii Up. It ended up being not the most romantic place, but great food and CHEAP nonetheless. We were able to bring our own bottle of wine – and they gave us kiddie plastic cups to drink out of! Way to ruin the mood, eh? They had fantastic Thai food, so we can’t complain too much. When we got back to the house, we settled down and enjoyed a nice fire in our fireplace 🙂

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  1. Yikes! I was extremely excited to read your review about my restaurant. Not being the most romantic restaurant I was expecting, we are a mom & pops Restaurant so we try to keep it cozy & homie. BUT.. I am extremely embarrassed when I got to the part about them giving you plastic kiddie cups ( bubble tea cups) to drink your wine out of.. that just blew my mind!! Please, accept my apology and let me make it up to you two. I hope to hear back from you.

    1. Hi Linda, I love that you read my post. Please don’t be embarrassed. We had fun nonetheless and the food was amazing! We hope to come back in the near future.

      *Love & Gratitude, Crystal

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