Spending a Week on a Land-Locked Yacht



“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the roads of lands remote; to travel is to live.” – Hans Christian Andersen


Our most recent vacation involved a 13 hour road trip to Summerville, South Carolina where we stayed on a yacht. The whole yacht part sounds luxurious, doesn’t it?

What your thinking is probably not exactly true. It was no where near luxurious, in fact I would call it, “roughing it”. You were probably picturing water, too – yet, there was no water in sight. The yacht was land-locked surrounded by trees and houses and it actually resided near a graveyard. It really wasn’t as bad as I am making it seem. The bed was comfy, it had all the amenities we would ever need including Netflix & Amazon, it also had a fire pit and grill out in the yard for us to enjoy. It was an experience we will never forget.

Watch your head! As you can imagine, this yacht turned tiny house isn’t made comfortably for anyone over 5’7″. Also, if you had more than two people down below at one time you would probably feel claustrophobic. As you walk down from the deck, you enter the kitchen which is equipped with a breakfast bar, a sink, microwave, fridge and freezer. You also had an option to hook up the conventional oven and portable stove top provided to you.

Past the breakfast bar, you enter the living room which had a TV and a daybed. At the bow, you have a bathroom. The bathroom in my opinion was probably the worst part as it was a waterfall showerhead. This meant that every time you took a shower, everything in the bathroom would get wet. The toilet, the sink, the counter, the walls, the ceiling, your toilet paper! I made sure to wear shower shoes at all times. That can’t be sanitary, but we made light of it and went with the flow so to speak. At the stern, you walked down into the bedroom with an oversized king size bed and mood lighting.

The place may not have been the cleanest, or the biggest (obviously), or the most practical – but it was fun nonetheless. My favorite part was everything outside of the boat. I loved doing yoga on top of the yacht every morning in the sun. I loved having a bon-fire with my love every night. I enjoyed the peacefulness of being away from the 9-5 and being in a place unknown.

If you are interested in staying on a yacht, check out the listing on Airbnb!

xoxo, Crystal.

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