Ghost Stories of Seabreeze

The weekend of Halloween, Shane and I found ourselves taking a ghost tour near our home hosted by Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks. I love things like this to find out the history of places and it’s also fun to find out about something unexpected – like a killing at your favorite local bar!


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There are many stories of murders and mishaps that crowd the streets near Seabreeze throughout the seasons. As many are led to believe, ghosts are attracted to energy. When Seabreeze Amusement Park closes for the season, the ghosts must go somewhere to find their energy. As soon as harvest begins, ghosts move on to the local bars to haunt the drunk and disorderly. But who are these ghosts exactly? In this story, you will find out a few you may be able to find at your favorite pubs and maybe say a sweet hello.

Shamrock Jack’s Irish Pub:

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In the 1800’s, Shamrock Jack’s Irish Pub was once a house that was owned by a man named Dobson. Dobson was an older man with a bit of a gambling addiction. He made a deal with the mob that he could not fulfill. One day, the mob decided to collect Dobsons’ debt and when Dobson couldn’t pay them the money they needed, they killed him in his basement. That’s right, someone was killed in the basement of Shamrock Jack’s. The employees who work at the pub nowadays are a bit squeamish when having to go into the basement every now and then. Some have even reported wine/beer bottles being thrown at their heads by whom they presume to be Dobson.

Another ghost that haunts Shamrock Jack’s Irish Pub is a little girl who is believed to be killed at Seabreeze Amusement Park. During the summer when the park is opened, she spends her time there with many other ghosts who are attracted to the energy. When the park is closed, she tends to travel over to Shamrock Jack’s. She likes to spend time on the 1st floor and switch TV channels from time to time as well as flicker some lights.

Side history:
When Prohibition was in effect, the new owners of Shamrock Jack’s decided to create hidden doorways to appear to look like bookshelves and other hidden objects. Inside these hidden rooms and closets, they kept their forbidden alcohol. With Lake Ontario right down the street, many people imported alcohol from Canada. Shamrock Jack’s was obviously benefiting from this little perk, but so was the Fire Department. The Fire Department acted as a speakeasy back in the Prohibition Days as well. They did a lot of importing from Canada and no one ever suspected a thing.

Across from Shamrock Jack’s, you might see a cobblestone tiny building. This parking lot used to be a gas station and before that, it used to be an estate. This estate belonged to an old man who liked to spend his evenings away from his wife and drink with his guy friends. To get out of the house, he created a man cave in his back yard. This man cave is the cobblestone tiny building you see today. On the outside of the building within the stone, you can see the shape of glass bottles on either side of the door.

The Reunion Inn:

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The Reunion Inn has many stories dating back to the 1800’s. The first owner was a pirate trying to hide in the quiet neighborhood of Seabreeze. His name was Mr. Woodman. Mr. Woodman and his wife carried out the rest of their days at this house and eventually passed of old age. The street was named after them, Woodman Road, which is now known today as Culver Road. The next owner of the Reunion Inn was named Mr. Bradstreet. Mr. Bradstreet was trampled by his own horses in front of his home, the Reunion Inn one day. He now is known to haunt the copula at the top of the Inn. If you see someone in the top that is now occupied with neon lights, you may guess right that it’s him. Mr. Bradstreet and Mr. Woodman and their families were buried next door at Big Al’s Eatery. Sadly, the parking lot was built on top of their graves. Back in the 1800’s, there was no embalming, no preservation, only wooden boxes people were buried in. So, even though their remains were known to be buried there, there wasn’t a trace of their bodies to prove it.

Seabreeze Amusement Park:

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If you ask anyone, they will go on to tell you that no one has been killed at Seabreeze Amusement Park. That in fact is led not to be true. Two girls have been killed at the park that we know of, but there may be more which will remain a mystery. One girl was on the Jack Rabbit, one of the oldest roller coasters in history. She stood up before going into the tunnel and was decapitated on the ride. Another girl was going through the haunted house, a ride that is no longer in operation. She decided to get off the ride halfway through to scare her friend that was in the cart with her. Her foot got stuck on the track of the ride and her leg was run over. She bled out before she could get to a hospital. These are just two of the ghosts that I’m sure still haunt the amusement park.

We wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

Disclaimer: All this information has been retrieved from Rochester Candlelight Ghost Walks. The stories expressed above are those of the speakers and do not necessarily reflect true facts.

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