The Spirit Room – Rochester, NY

Friday, October 13th:

Shane and I thought it would be a fun idea to check out this new bar that had just opened in downtown Rochester. We parked in an empty lot that only cost $3 and we took a romantic stroll down a darkened alleyway. No one was around, almost something out of a horror movie. We come upon a doorway that was opened into a purple lighted room – the bar. As we walked in, we noticed old photos hanging, skulls on shelves and voodoo dolls strewn about the room. The music drowned out the voices to only a small whisper as you heard the clinking of glasses against the bar. We took a seat on the side of the room as we watched the tarot card reader go from table to table. Glancing at the menu, it was pork taco night. My favorite, but not Shane’s – so we decided to settle and order a nice tall banana pudding and a few drinks to pass the time.

The Spirit Room is probably one of the coolest bars I’ve ever been to in the United States. I had never seen anything like it. It had a haunted, American Horror Story vibe with a hint of New Orleans history. I felt right at home. The bar tenders were so polite and friendly – I believe one of them were the owner of the bar who I’ve heard is the best new bartender in town! Just saying…

I also enjoyed that they have a different menu every night. So, one night may be pork taco night – another might be Nashville Hot Chicken night. The menu is constantly changing with the seasons and the days of the week. So if you are looking for a haunting good time any time of the year – check out the Spirit Room. You will not be disappointed!


Crystal & Shane

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