Fall Date: The Bloomsburg Fair

What better way to kick off the Fall season than to fill the air & your stomachs with delicious fair food?

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Sept 23rd, 2017 kicks off this years 162nd Bloomsburg Fair in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. People from near and far come together to make this yearly 2 week event spectacular. Below, get an inside look at some of my favorite foods, drinks, and things to do at the fair!

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The first thing I do every year when I walk into the fairgrounds is set out in search of a Kohr’s drink stand. They have the best Orangeade! I can’t get enough of it. I can drink it all day long while I walk around the fair. Kohr’s has a stand in just about every corner of the fairgrounds so they aren’t too hard to find and refill.

Pennsylvania is the birthplace for Yuengling Lager and since you can’t buy beer at the fair, you may want to opt for ice cream instead! Yuengling features multiple (non-alcoholic) flavors such as traditional chocolate and vanilla as well as their Black & Tan (a chocolate, caramel mix).

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Coming all the way from upstate New York is the Fried Specialties food truck. If you want something fried, they are your go-to. My favorite are the cheese curds! (Although they aren’t as good as the ones at the Minnesota State Fair of course!).

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If you have a sweet tooth, stop by Bissinger’s. They have amazing peach and apple dumplings. Grab some to take home and enjoy the fair in the comfort of your own couch. Some other long time favorites include: Top of the Beef, Denny & Pearl’s Pizza, Hewlitt’s Sausage, John the Greek Gyros, and Benton Apple Cider.

I used to love the carnival area, but now that I’m no longer a little kid – I really don’t enjoy walking past all the carnie’s and being whistled or yelled at. So I tend to avoid that area as much as possible, but if you would like to head towards that area and don’t want to walk – you can catch the Sky Ride. The Sky Ride is the ski-lift operation that hovers about 25 feet off the ground and goes from Midway to the Kiddie Section and back. It’s only $5 one way, or $7 round trip. I just like to ride it for the scenery and picture taking! Other than the sky ride, they also offer helicopter rides and carriage rides periodically.

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Every school and club in the surrounding area tend to have an exhibit to feature their work at the fair. These exhibits can be found within the different buildings such as the Arts & Crafts, Agriculture, and Horticulture buildings. You can also find animals such as horses and cattle to dogs and bunnies. I enjoy walking through all of these buildings, but the dog building makes me sad. Seeing all the dogs locked up in a cage and in an un-air-conditioned building isn’t my idea of enjoyment. Oh, and they also make you pay to see the dogs. As you can tell, I am totally against stepping foot in there!


Anyways, at the Bloomsburg Fair you can catch tons of concerts and shows throughout the week. Figure 8 races, demolition derbies, Dock Dogs, and more. You may see comedians, musicians, and other performers from all over the world come to this event every year. I saw my first concert here in 2009, Sick Puppies & Three Days Grace! Since then, I’ve seen even more such as Seether in the photo above.

What is your favorite thing to do or eat at the fair?! Comment below.

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