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Date idea: Be adventurous and drive around Nashville to “Ooo” and “Ahhh” at these million dollar homes.


While driving down Belle Mead Blvd, have you ever stopped to wonder what it’d be like to live in those houses? Working in the fast lane, that is valet parking, I’ve seemed to find myself pulling up to these houses whispering under my breathe, “Oh…my…god…”. The extravagant lighting, massive pillars, beautiful landscaping, and luxurious cars are enough to take your breathe away. It’s amazing how the houses can make you feel so small while living in a city so big.

Belle Meade Blvd is one of my favorite areas of the city that I like to show people the most. Country music artists to architects and interior designers to oh-so-many Frists live up and down these streets – many are a secret to most as they hide undercover. This article will give you a little inside scoop to some of the biggest houses I’ve come across and who they belong to.


Sylvia Roberts’ $19.5 million Home:

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If you recognize this house, you must be a fan of the hit TV show “Nashville”. You guessed it – Connie Britton’s character owns this home in the TV show. This beautiful Belle Meade home is located on Page Rd and is owned by Sylvia Roberts. This 6 bedroom, 12 bathroom, 20,533 sq ft. mansion hit the market last year for a whopping $19.5 million.

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The Arndt’s Estate:

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When driving down Concord Rd in Brentwood, you may look up a small hill and see this massive home. Sold to the Arndt’s in 2014 for only a couple million, this home is now worth over $30 million. The main structure at the time of purchase as shown in this photo was about 10,600 sq ft. Now with a guest house and a finished basement, the home is now estimated at about 18,000 sq ft – and the Arndt’s aren’t done, yet! When finished, the home will be about 28,000 sq ft according to the Keep an eye out for a couple of their hot pink Rolls Royce that tend to peak out of the garage from time to time. Also, drive by at night for their wonderful light show.

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Rich from Big & Rich’s Mt. Richmore:

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When driving up Love Circle in West Nashville you may be thinking, “This is a terrible location,” with it’s small road and close neighbors. When you get to the top and ignore what Mt. Richmore looks like and actually see what Mt. Richmore looks at, you may think a little differently. Rich’s new estate overlooks the city of Nashville’s westside skyline. When the sun is setting, the view is just perfect. I know from first hand experience that this house has some raging parties on the rooftop. You can imagine how these parties have made the neighbors of this once very quiet street feel just by reading the comments on as well as hearing about many police reports.

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Oh-So-Many Frists:

1304 Chickering Road, 810 Jackson Blvd., 703 Bowling Ave., and 1326 Page Road just to name a few. The Frist’s are one of the most popular and wealthiest families in Nashville. Some are senators, some are doctors, and for most – their wealth solely comes from the family leading the nations most successful hospital company. While your in Nashville, check out the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. An art deco museum and event venue with beautiful exhibits of fine art.


Vanderbilt Chancellor’s Residence:

Located at 211 Deer Park Dr, The Vanderbilt Chancellor lives a pretty comfy life in his almost 16,000 sq ft multi-million dollar home. It’s nestled in the heart of Belle Meade and is barely visible from the road.


Tim McGraw & Faith Hill:

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An astounding 22,000 sq foot house on 17 wooded acres is nestled on Crater Hill. This mansion which belongs to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill has 37 rooms, with only 5 of those being actual bedrooms!


Disclaimer: I loved writing this article about some of the biggest houses I’ve been to in Nashville, but please note that I only published this for fun. We ask that you do not go knocking on their doors or drive up to their houses. Please politely view from the road. Thank you.

– Crystal


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