A Sunny, Southern Beaufort Tour

Beaufort, South Carolina is beautiful in many ways. With tales and stories of written history dating over 500 years, it is a history buff’s dream town. Beaufort has also been a popular movie set for well known films such as Forrest Gump, The Great Santini, and The Jungle Book. Not only is the town architecturally beautiful, Beaufort seems to always have the perfect weather. This town can offer a unique, romantic getaway from all the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Richard V. Woods Memorial Bridge-aka. the bridge from Forrest Gump

Beaufort, not far from Hilton Head Island, is a town that can be overlooked and not overrun by summer tourists. It is a unique destination you must put on your list! Huge historical homes, Spanish moss, and haunted graveyards add to the towns mystique. Many of those historical homes are made with shells, also known as “coastal concrete”. Oyster shells and sand is what people on the coast used before concrete was made.  The residents of Beaufort have tried to maintain this little piece of architectural history by repairing and maintaining many of the homes within the town. While you walk down the sidewalks, you may see remaining shells and coastal concrete scattered about.

I love Spanish Moss, I’m a little obsessed.

Take a stroll through one of many of Beaufort’s cemeteries. With their Civil War era crumbling tombstones and Spanish Moss, every cemetery has it’s own unique and eerie look and feel to them. Some of the churches on the properties let you walk in to take a peek as well.

Beth Israel Cemetery

If you go to visit Beaufort, try one of their many touring companies. Take a walking tour (some are free) or take a buggy ride with The Southurn Rose Buggy Tours. Our tour guide was awesome. She knew every piece of history her town had to offer. She also showed us each movie set we went by and told us many gossip stories about the movie stars that stayed and visited. This tour was the perfect tour for taking photos. The tour guides stop in front of many historical sites so you can get the best photo possible before they move on to the next spot. Also, the horses are well taken care of and they love their job. Pet them and feed them apples after your carriage ride.

My favorite brunch place was Magnolia Bakery Café. If you want to eat at an authentic Southern restaurant, this place is the best! The food is made fresh and the prices are decent. You may also shop at their bakery after your meal to take some of this southern goodness home with you.

Photo taken by: Ron E from website https://www.zomato.com/hilton-head-island-sc/magnolia-bakery-cafe-beaufort

Beaufort, South Carolina is a down to earth, small Southern town I highly suggest for anyone to visit. I can’t wait to go back. Thank you all for reading.

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