The Redneck Castle

“The Redneck Castle” might be the oddest stop on Route 66. Formerly the City Meat Market, it is the oldest building in Erick, OK now known as the Sandhills Curiosity Shop owned by a man named Harley. Harley loves to perform and entertain his visitors while he takes you for a personalized tour of his shop and home with his vibrant and unique personality. What is even more unique is the things he and his wife have collected over the years.

His shop, yard, and house have tons of Americana memorabilia, yet nothing is for sale. See the artifacts and antiques from old Route 66 that has been slowly disappearing over the years. Harley will even add in a song or two with his guitar. At the end of your tour, be sure to offer tips as he doesn’t charge a tour and admission fee.

Photo taken by: Shane Biichle

If you are driving down Route 66, stop by this hidden gem for a once in a lifetime date. It certainly won’t be the romantic kind, but definitely a date you will remember.

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