Valentine’s Ziplining Adventure

On a frigid Valentine’s Day morning, he whisked me away from our tiny Nashville apartment to a town in the middle of no-where called Kingston Springs. He told me which direction to drive, but not where we were going. I was built up with excitement and nervousness. We suddenly had to take a turn on a dirt road, that my Mustang barely could handle, up a hill and into the woods. I figured it out once I saw the signs for “Adventure Works” and zip lines. He had planned to do the Sweetheart Zip Tour. I had been wanting to zip line what felt like forever! We walked by a burning bon fire and approached the gazebo where our tour guides and gear were waiting. They gave us the run down on how to use our gear and properly put it on. They then continued to explain we would be going on 9 different zip lines covering about a mile and a half of wooded terrain as well testing out some of their tree top challenges. A few other couples showed up and we were good to go to the first zip line. They were very thorough in explaining how to ride down the zip lines and what to and what not to hold onto.

As we waited in line to go down the first zip line individually, my heart was pounding with excitement, and I could tell his was, too. He made me go first. I linked my gear to the line and down I went through the trees and gliding over the ground below. I approached the wooden plank where the other couples and trainer who went before me awaited my arrival. I pulled on the pulley to slow myself down a bit and instead I turned around in circles. Trying to get back to the front facing direction, I suddenly approached the plank and slid onto the light snow that covered it. As I stood upright and unhooked myself, I looked back seeing Shane getting ready to follow. My first thought was, “wow, let’s do that again!”

Half way through the tour, we got to the couple zip line where we could go down together. This was the moment we had both been waiting for. And it was so worth it. As we went down the line fast, he kissed me and said, “I love you”.

Not only were we able to zip line individually and together, the tour also consisted of tree top climbs. They had tree houses and ropes that you could climb across to get to the last few zip lines. It was a nice challenge rather than just stepping up to a plank. Afterwards, we were able to stand around the fire and hang out for a bit with the other couples and tour guides. It was certainly a chilly day in Nashville, but the Sweetheart Zip was the perfect Valentine’s Day date for the adventurous.

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