Ricketts Glen State Park-hiking/photography date

If you are looking to take a nice hike, go camping, or expand your photography portfolio, take a day trip or an overnight trip to Ricketts Glen State Park.

Ricketts Glen Falls Trail in December

Get back to nature and enjoy the beautiful picturesque views and wonderful sounds and smells Ricketts Glen has to offer. Drive up Red Rock mountain to the top of the state park and spend some time at the beach or bring a picnic and canoe Lake Jean. Here, you may also start at the top of the falls trail and work your way down to the bottom to Route 118. On this trail, you can find some impressive falls towering over 38 feet tall. If you are feeling adventurous enough, you may hike the whole trail (7.2 mi round trip) in one day, just make sure to bring plenty of water and food. The falls trail is only open in the winter for people with proper winter gear such as ice crampons, ice ax, rope, and proper winter attire. It is definitely worth it no matter what time of year, just be careful!

Falls trail-this print is available for purchase, please contact for more details and pricing

If you decide to not drive up the mountain, you may also access the bottom of the falls trail off of Route 118 and work your way up. This is what we typically do because there are less tourists and campers trying to get to the beach. It has very easy access and a brand new parking lot and entrance.

Other than hiking and camping, Ricketts Glen also offers great restaurants for date night. The one place I recommend is Ricketts Glen Hotel, with perfect outdoor seating to view the magnificent sunsets, and delicious seafood and prime rib.

Sunset at Ricketts Glen Hotel

Thank you all for reading and enjoy your trip to Ricketts Glen State Park

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