Evins Old Mill

Evins Mill is a small, very private resort featuring wonderful views and a romantic aura tucked away deep in the woods of Smithville, TN. Each room has it’s own private deck and scenic settings as well as access to hiking trails leading to waterfalls and gorges. It is the perfect getaway to put you back in touch with nature and to fall in love all over again.

Our Room w/ a View!

There are many resort packages including breakfast, boxed lunches, and dinner as well as spa services. On site there is a library, bar, game room, and more. My favorite part of our stay was not only the view of our room, but the hike to the waterfall. We took the daring, tough terrain hike complete with ropes along the edge of the trail to help you along the way. Once we got to the waterfall, the strenuous hike was well worth it. It was a beautiful and magnificent site that I could have spent all day admiring.

The game room, museum, and banquet rooms are located in part of the Old Mill. Take the walkway that stretches from the resort across the dam to get there. It is a beautiful location for a wedding or private party/function. At night, take a stroll across the bridge and you can hear the tree frogs echo throughout the gorges.

The walkway to get from the resort area to Old Mill


The resort with walkways to each cabin/room


Photo taken by: Ben Russell
Featured on Evins Mill FB page

Not only was our room and experience amazing, but the staff was so polite and accommodating. I would recommend this place 100%! He took me here for our 2 year anniversary and for my early birthday present, how amazing is this man?! I’m so lucky and blessed.

Thank you all for reading, Happy Holidays!

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