Midtown/Uptown Minneapolis Date

As fun and unique as downtown Minneapolis may be, I’d like to bring you to Midtown and Uptown.

Powderhorn Park:


Looking for a local park to have a nice picnic and get some exercise in around a pond? Stop by Powderhorn Park (where my old apartment used to be)! If you are an exercise junkie, they have plenty of equipment along the paved trails as checkpoints to do pull ups, leg presses, and more! There is plenty of grass and private areas to have a romantic picnic and if you are touring around May Day, they have a cool May Day festival with vendors and music. At night, you can view a portion of the Minneapolis skyline.

Midtown Global Market:

The Midtown Global Market is a great place to stop in and walk around for a little while. It is actually the second largest leasable sized building compared to Mall of America in the city. Inside this building, you will find a portion of it is filled with international food stands and craft vendors.

Calhoun Square/Uptown:

Uptown is a hip neighborhood in Minneapolis that has plenty of rooftop restaurants and bars as well as shops. Amore Uptown is a great romantic nighttime rooftop restaurant to take your date. Sadly, my favorite restaurant was Cowboy Slim’s which closed shortly after I moved away, they had the BEST buffalo chicken wraps! Besides rooftop restaurants, record shops and clothing boutique’s flood the streets of uptown. Park, walk, and shop your day away!

Calhoun Lake:

Calhoun Lake- North Beach

Want to spend time at the beach, but can’t get away to the ocean? Minneapolis has tons of lakeside beaches! The best beach in Uptown is Calhoun Lake’s North Beach. If you don’t feel like lounging lakeside, there are plenty of biking and walking trails that go around the entire lake.

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