Four Mile Island Walking Adventure

As you may be able to notice in my previous blog posts, I LOVE NATURE PRESERVES! I geek out every time I learn of a new area to go walking/hiking and Florida is filled with them. One of my favorite’s in the state is the Four Mile Cove (AKA: Four Mile Island) located in Cape Coral.

This is a beautiful walk full of mangroves and swamps which lead to a lookout at the ocean. You can spend a few hours snapping photos and reading each placard along the trails that describe the different trees and wildlife you may see while holding hands with your beau.

This is a must see, hidden gem in Cape Coral. It is also where the Iwo Jima monument is located. The monument and entrance to the nature preserve is visible from Veterans Memorial Bridge, but the entrance is actually a short drive through the rural area before jumping on the bridge going towards Fort Myers from Cape Coral.

At the end of the day, stop by Ford’s Garage (Cape Coral or Ft. Myers location). It’s a great place to have a drink, cool off, and enjoy a really cool atmosphere with some great food! Try the T-Bird burger, my favorite!

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