Tour Largo Like a Local

Largo, FL is a town that gets very busy in the winter time due to its high retiree percentage. Many of these locals come to Largo in the winter to get away from their home up North where it’s cold and frigid. Due to this fact, there are a lot of places here that aren’t necessarily made for tourists. Which can be a great thing if you are looking to get away from all of that. There are plenty of things to do here and nearby that only the locals may know of, so pay attention and you can visit this area and pretend your one of them! There are plenty of small, locally owned motels in Largo as well as rentals. Since many of these homes are vacation homes, they will be filled in the winter and open to rent come the summer months.

Before you go exploring the town, grab some breakfast at Peter’s Family Restaurant. Great food and portions for a great, low price! Peter, the owner, is usually working so be sure to say hello to him and maybe ask him or the friendly workers for some advice on where to go and see. They will be happy to recommend some places.

A beautiful park to visit, a hidden gem in Largo, is Largo Central Park Nature Preserve. It has paved and wooden walkways that will take you around the edge of the park and cut through the middle. If you walk the perimeter of the park on the paved walkway, it will take you about 45 minutes and there are signs along the way that will educate you on the nature and wildlife surrounding you. This is a perfect place to go bird watching or look for some river otters. You can do a short 5-10 minute walk around the pond on the wooden walkway where you can see birds, turtles, and fish as shown below.

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You will be surrounded by electrical grids so don’t mind the humming! The paths are built for both pedestrians and bikers, so whichever you prefer, its bound to be a nice, relaxing time.

Be sure to hike up the lookout tower to get a beautiful view of the creek and see if you can spot any river otters. This creek also allows you to take your loved one on a romantic canoe/kayak tour if you have one or can find a place nearby to rent one and take with. Behind the lookout tower, there are more wooden boarded trails for you to cut through the wooded area and hopefully see some more wildlife and beautiful Spanish moss, my favorite!


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