A Mt. Shasta Adventure

Before noticing the gorgeous mountain with snow on top towering over the town, I had no idea what Mt. Shasta really was. I heard about the beauty, but I never knew what the area really looked like. Thick forests, small shops, hippies and hillbillies, and small families enjoying a quiet life. Despite all of that, tourists filled the town, but respected their surroundings to let the locals live peacefully. This beauty and uniqueness allowed Mt. Shasta to stand out to me. I had never seen or been to any place like it.


Mt. Shasta is one of the towns in the US with the cleanest water that has won actual awards. Visit the local park where you can actually taste a sip. The water takes about 50 years to make it down the mountain to the small area in the park where you can drink it. You can drink 50 year old water! It will be the purest and cleanest water you will ever taste.


The mountain is known to have special Ora that many transients flock to, to do whatever transients do. I’ve never seen so many and it was really unique to see how they live. Shacks decorated with tie die decor, the smell of pot lingering, and seeing those eating plants, while trying to fulfill a pure, clean, natural life. If you’d like, bring a tent and live like them. There are plenty of areas to camp out with plenty of water to drink and apparently, plants to eat!

Nestled deep in the woods is Mt. Shasta Lake. Take a picnic, take a canoe/kayak, and enjoy a day to yourselves. You will most likely be up there alone or only with a couple other people. It is so quiet and serene you will never want to leave.

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