A Perfect Afternoon Date in New Orleans

What better way to spend time with your significant other then taking a haunted cemetery tour to learn about New Orleans’ past? Take a lovely walking tour of the St. Louis #1 Cemetery by French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tours and you will see Marie Laveau’s grave and Nicolas Cage’s future grave and many more. The tour is not only a cool thing to do as a tourist, but it is very educational as well! I loved learning some of the history of the cemetery and the city. Did you know medians used to be called neutral zones back in the day?!


Marie Laveau, the voodoo priestess of the 19th century, is said to be buried in this cemetery. Some say that even after death, she continues to work her magic from the grave. Many people still leave offerings at her grave and scribble X’s thinking she will grant their wishes. On the tour, just bring a small offering, like a hair brush, lipstick, or something of that nature that is personal to you or someone you love. Just be sure NOT to scribble X’s on her grave as that is against the law of course!


As mentioned, Nicolas Cage does in fact have a grave there as well. You may be wondering why, when he’s not dead, yet! Some say he is stashing money in his very expensive and gaudy grave, in shape of a pyramid, but he actually says he loves New Orleans so much, that he wanted to make sure this is where he will be laid to rest. When you look at the grave, you will see lipstick kisses all over it. If you feel brave, go ahead and leave a kiss for him as well, just don’t make your loved one jealous!


After this exciting and educational cemetery tour, you may be exhausted from all the walking, so I suggest you go back to your room and order in some Chinese food while binging on Netflix, like American Horror Story (New Orleans season).

Netflix & Chill and eat Chinese, what could be better than that?

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