‘Dates in the States’, formally ‘Dates Around the World’, is an idea that has been in Crystal’s mind for a long time and that we are excited to finally be working on. The one passion in our lives is travel, and we want to share our experiences with the world. We want to create content that people will enjoy reading and in turn, will help them learn and discover all these wonderful and beautiful places the world has to offer with someone they love by their side, just like we have. Dare to live without the box.

Many of our posts, we co-write together of all the places we’ve traveled to these past few years. We are always looking for new and exciting places to see in the United States and love hearing from our readers amazing places they would recommend. So feel free to comment or message us and maybe you will be seeing us there! We also hope to travel abroad very soon.

Side note: Crystal is a freelance photographer, Crystal Rock Photography (www.crystalrockphotography.com) , so all of these photos in our posts are taken by yours truly (unless stated otherwise).

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Crystal & Shane